Aloe Brevifolia
Aloe Brevifolia
Aloe Brevifolia

Aloe Brevifolia


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Aloe brevifolia, commonly known as the short-leaved aloe or dwarf aloe, is native to the Western Cape province of South Africa. It's well-adapted to the harsh conditions of its natural habitat, often found in rocky terrain.

In terms of growth size, Aloe brevifolia typically forms a low-growing rosette of succulent leaves. The rosette can reach up to about 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter. The leaves are blue-green, triangular, fleshy, and armed with small, sharp teeth along the margins.

Regarding cold tolerance, Aloe brevifolia is relatively hardy and can tolerate mild frost. It is well-suited to arid and semi-arid climates. However, it's essential to protect it from prolonged or severe frost, as it may damage the plant. Providing well-draining soil and avoiding overwatering are also crucial for its overall health.

In cultivation, Aloe brevifolia is often grown in containers or rock gardens, and it's appreciated for its unique appearance and drought tolerance.  Our 5gal plants are averaging 7" wide and 6" tall.  All of our plants are shipped to you bare root.  



This shop has great customer service. Although they mainly sell pots they also have a few plants to sell. I bought one of these plants and it shipped very fast. The plant I received is beautiful but it was the wrong plant. I contacted the shop right away. I told them I will keep the plant but I’d still want to buy the one I wanted. The plant I wanted also cost less so I offered to pay the difference too. The shop apologized for the mistake and said they will send the right plant right away and to keep the plant i already received. I thought that was awesome, thoughtful and very professional and that goes a long way. Thank you so much and I really appreciate that.


Simply a beautiful and artistic Peety pot. Will be the pot for an Adenia metamorpha and the two will definitely display awesome artistry.

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